Jinzhong Science Center

Jinzhong, China

Construction Scale:19600㎡

Jinzhong Science Center is focusing on “technology, wisdom, health, and civilization". integrating into the ecological, economic, historical and geological elements of Jinzhong, forming a distinctive "three life" (human life, life around us, ecology) with large health features, and exhibiting more than 310 exhibits. The total construction area of the museum is 19,000 square meters. It has a permanent exhibition hall for "Children's Science Park, Life Health, Scientific and Technological Life, Ecological Civilization, Exploration and Discovery", as well as auxiliary exhibition places such as science cinema, science lecture hall and science studio.
Kexin takes "technology, wisdom, health, and civilization" as the theme of the exhibition. From the shallower to the deeper, the audience can feel the charm of science and the power of technology, and then understand the progress of the science and technology society and the impact on healthy life. The development achievements, frontier research, and future prospects show the development of science and technology and the humanistic relationship between life, ecology and life.